A – class business center
On Kutuzovsky prospect
About us
The Poklonka Place Business Center near from the metro stations Kutuzovskaya and Park Pobedy is one of the most prestigious A-class Business Center with a lot of amenities for residents, clients and guests. Convenient location on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in an environmentally friendly and evergreen place on the map of the capital. Maximum comfort and infrastructure for residents. Own Park with coniferous and deciduous trees, recreation areas, exhibition areas for art installations, paths for pedestrians and bicycle parking. All this and much more makes it one of the most profitable and attractive Business Center for renting office in Moscow.
Great location
Walking distance from the metro stations Kutuzovskaya and Park Pobedy. Сonvenient access for the TTK (Tretye Transportnoye Koltso) - it's very easy to get to us.
Catering establishments, minimarket, beauty salon, flower corner, car wash. Solve all matters without leaving of Business Center!
Ample parking
Three-level underground parking for 1142 cars.

Security service 24/7
Round-the-clock security service, video surveillance system, access control system, checkpoint, security at each reception, in the parking and on the territory of the Business Center.

Hospitality area
Each building has its own reception, access to which is possible both from the street and directly from the underground parking, which provides autonomous operation for receiving visitors for each building and maximum comfort for employees of tenants and guests.
Oasis in a big city
Poklonka Place is surrounded by own landscaped parkland. About 300 coniferous and deciduous trees grow here. Comfortable recreation areas with pedestrian paths.
For business, leisure and life
The infrastructure meets all the requirements of the modern life for a business person! The combination of various functions within a single Business Center of Poklonka Place allows a synergistic effect for highly efficient work, entertainment and recreation.
Conference hall
Beauty saloon
Quality standards
Beeline, MTS, Rostelecom, Gars Telecom, Megafon, Mastertel, NetOne.
High-speed passenger and cargo-passenger elevators OTIS
Ventilation system
Supply and exhaust ventilation system - general exchange, with mechanical induction. The supply ventilation units are equipped with a filtration system, heating and cooling of the supply air.
Air conditioning system
All buildings are equipped with a seasonal refrigeration system to ensure comfortable conditions in the spring and summer. Climate control system.
Fire protection systems
The complex is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system and automatic fire-prevention measures based on Orion equipment. Automatic smoke exhaust and air pressurization system, warning and evacuation control systems.
real estate
Tenants are offered various options for renting commercial real estate. Each square meter of area is most efficient.
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The Business Center is located in the Western Administrative District of Moscow on the territory of the Dorogomilovo District.

There are 2 metro stations of the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya and Filevskaya lines and the largest railway station in the capital – Kievsky. You can also get to the Business Center by land transport.

  • "Kutuzovskaya" metro station 3 min on foot and "Park Pobedy" metro station 10 minutes on foot
  • TPU "Kutuzovo" 3 min on foot
  • "Park Pobedy" on Poklonnaya Hill 8 min on foot
  • Way out to Kutuzovsky Prospekt and TTK


Moscow, st. Poklonnaya, 3, 3, bldg. 1-4
+7 (495) 846-76-28
Moscow, st. Poklonnaya, 3, 3, bldg. 1-4