Class A Business Center in Moscow

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Are you in search of the best location to rent? The business center class A at Kutuzovsky Prospekt in the Western Administrative Okrug of Moscow is the place. Clean and bright corner in the prestigious area of the dark and stuffy capital, the class A business center in the WAO of Moscow is attractive for both beginners and large companies.

The success of the company largely depends on the location and status of the facility, offering retail and office space. The Poklonka Place business center at Kutuzovsky Prospekt positions as one of the highest-ranked class A business centers with a lot of convenience for customers.

Business center on Kutuzovsky Prospekt

Business centers near metro Kutuzovskaya and Park Pobedy as at today are one of the most profitable offers for renting office real estate. One of the most eco-friendly and evergreen places on the map of the capital, largely due to its own park. About 300 coniferous and deciduous trees grow on the 3 Ha square. There are exhibition grounds for art installations, walkways for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Convenient location. Situated within walking distance of the metro station. Located near the complex is the TTK exit. The complex is very easy to reach.

  • A wide choice of areas. Tenants are offered various options for renting commercial real estate. Each square meter of the area is maximally effective. To get the floor plan and photos of the premises at Kutuzovsky Avenue, contact the specialists of Poklonka Place business center, by leaving a request either by phone or e-mail.

  • Infrastructure. In the Class A business center, there will be offices, a bank branch, retail facilities, supermarkets, catering establishments and service centers. This allows tenants and employees to resolve all routine affairs without leaving the complex.

  • Spacious parking space. A three-level underground parking for 1142 vehicles. At each level of the business center is a separate entrance.

  • Premises with finishing. The business center near Park Pobedy offers areas with fine finish in a Shell&core condition. Renting an area in the class A business center, you can forget about the need for cosmetic repairs. In the showroom you can see photos of the finishing of the proposed premises.

Business Center in the WAO, near TTK

Renting an office at Kutuzovsky Prospekt is often associated with a considerable amount of difficulties. The main problem is the uncomfortable entrance and the lack of nearby parking. This limits access to partners and suppliers of products and significantly reduces the number of potential customers.

The business center close to TTK in the WAO of Moscow is not only in optimum accessibility to motorists, but also has a private parking that ensures the highest profitability of the commercial premises of WAO.

Metro Kutuzovskaya, Park Pobedy, Studencheskaya

Renting an office in the Class A business center next to TTK is advantageous in terms of accessibility. From the metro Kutuzovskaya, the facility is within a range of 3 minutes, and from Metro Park Pobedy, not more than 10. Your employees do not have to spend a lot of time getting to work.

The business center at the avenue: the choice of a discreet entrepreneur

The Business center at Kutuzovskaya near Metro Park Pobedy is the best place to open any kind of business: retail, consumer services, health and safety, financial and insurance sectors, and highly specialized areas.

Learn more about the rental of locations in the WAO by contacting the staff of the complex by phone or via the feedback form on the official website.